Is fake makeup really worth buying? Featuring Aliexpress Kylie Lip Kits

The words ‘fake’ and ‘Kylie Jenner’ have just been given a whole new meaning.

Replica makeup is on the rise and is more accessible.

But is it safe?

Is it really just “factory rejects” like all these Instagram sellers claim?

The Kylie Lip Kit for one colour costs £21 ($29), which does not include shipping. I managed to get hold of a fake Kylie Lip Kit  for a measly £1.51p with free shipping.

I bought the real Dolce lip kit back in the 2nd restock with the original formula. I remember being smug that I managed to get one after seeing all the complaints about them being sold out after 2 minutes. Mines did take a while to come as I ordered it during the Christmas period. I was not hit with customs despite the fact it had a customs charge sticker on it, (shoutout to my postman, you’re the real MVP).

Order #4506. Does that mean I was the 4506 person to order? Holy shit, why on earth did I pay $42.95! Why does it still say it is out for delivery when it is June 2016? Tune in next time on “WTF is going on!”

I remember putting it on my lips when I first got it. I like how it looked initially, but then it dried down to this shitty brown faeces colour. My lips looked like an asshole! It smelt so good though. Like Betty Crocker vanilla buttercream without the 10000 calories.

It had a mousse consistency. It was like makeup chocolate mousse. Despite the fact I wanted to lick the liquid lipstick, I felt like it was not a worthy purchase for me. I could not really wear due to the unflattering colour. So I sold it.

Aliexpress – Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Fakes

Lets move onto the Aliexpress fake Kylie Lip Kits. This can also be used as a handy guide on how to spot a fake Kylie Jenner Lip Kit so you do not get scammed by online sellers. There are a handful of genuine resellers out there, so be careful! Video of the swatches and results below!

The packaging

Like, Literally & Candy K Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Fakes. Notice the colours look exactly the same as each other, but look no where near the real ones.
The real Kylie Lip Glosses / Picture Credit: Pinterest

Firstly, the packaging is all wrong. Yes the glosses do come in the singular box, but the liquid lipsticks do not. The liquid lipstcks come in a wide rectangle box with the matching lipliner.

The writing at the bottom. I suppose they were tryna be extra and add some MAC packaging words on these fake ones. The real ones just say Gloss, Brilliant A Levres as shown above.

The tubes are lightweight. The real ones do feel heavier in my opinion (comparing to the dolce one I had previously). The consistency reminds me of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams. Kinda sheer/shit with no longevity.

The fake lip glosses are not even glosses. They are a liquid lipstick. Cmon bro, you had one job to do and it was to make a gloss. Even fake manufacturers DGAF about the quality, so what is in the actual fake product? Should you really be putting it on your lips?

You lick your lips.

Your tongue will lick that fake product.

It will join forces with your saliva and enter your digestive system. Doesn’t that worry you?


How safe are they?

ingredients of Kylie Lip Fake
God bless for letting me upload the image and convert it to text. Who has the time typing our all those big ass long hard words. NOPE NOT ME!

FAKE INGREDIENTS: Isododecane, Synthetic Beeswax, VP/Hexadecene Copolymer, Octyldodecanol. Cyclopentasiloxane, C18-36 Acci Trigiycericie, Disteardimonium Hectorite, Phenoxyethanol, Alcohol denatured, Ethythexylglycetin MAY CONTAIN+/ : D&C Red No.28 Aluminum Lake (CI 45410), FD&C Red No.40 Aluminum Lake (CI 16035),Titanium dioxide (Cl 77891) FD&C Yellow No 5 Lake (CI 19140),Aluminum Oxide, Red 6 Lake (CI 15850),D&C Red 27 Lake (C145410) FD&C Red 7 Calcium Lake (CI 15820:1), Iron Oxides (CI 77499), FD&C Blue No.1 Aluminum Lake (0 42090) PjF;:j NET WT. 0.16 Uze 4.5

REAL INGREDIENTS:…. Erm, I could not find them anywhere. It probably got removed after Stephanie Nicole analysing the ingredients and discovering that it was the same as Colourpop. (Click here for the Youtube video).

When I googled the fake ingredients, the Dose of Colors page appeared for Kiss of Fire.


Dose of Colors Liquid Lipstick Ingredients

I think they copied and pasted Dose of Colors liquid lipstick on all the fake colours. But I highly doubt these fakes have the same quality or even the same ingredients which they have listed on the packaging. Who knows what’s in them? Are they safe to apply on your lips?


When my brother swatched them on my arm, my arm started to tingle slightly. It was not painful at all, but it was strange. Is there an irritant in that matte liquid lipstick formula? Or is it the mouse shit mixed with lead that caused it?


They have that same vanilla buttercream smell as the real ones.

How to tell if your Kylie Lip Kit is fake

  • The fake colours are way off from the real ones
  • The packaging is wrong for the glosses and mattes
  • The tubes are light and very cheap
  • The writing and drip pattern looks messy and you can scratch them off easily
  • If it is sold under the RRP ($29+ shipping price), it is definately a fake
  • The seller is from china (duh!)
  • If the seller does not show any real pictures and uses pictures they have found online, then it’s definately fake
  • If they tell you it will be shipped without the box/liner, it is fake

Watch the video below to see the swatches, results and longevity of the fake Kylie Lip Kits.

Should you buy them?

There will be some people who do not care whether it is a replica with unknown ingredients. It has Kylies name on it. It means something to them. It means,

“I can afford an overpriced lipstick, therefore I am goals”

Goals eh? You really aspire to be a net attached to two poles?

You can get that same product from Colourpop which only costs $6. The only difference is the name on tube. Or they could be a fan of the Jenners/Kardashians but do not have Jenner/Kardashian disposable money to drop, (after all, $29 is a lot of money for a teenager for one item). They’ll buy it for the packaging and tube which has Kylies name on it and strategically place in their makeup drawer for selfies to keep up with everyone on social media.

I personally think fake makeup is a waste of money. You do not really know what is in there. I have read horror stories about girls going blind with fake MAC mascaras that cost £3 quid on eBay etc. There is no shame in not being able to afford high-end money. You do not need to “keep up” with anyone. Who the hell walks about outside showing off their Dior Forever Foundation bottle yelling out “I’M WEARING 030 SAND AND ALL Y’ALL ARE BROKE AF!” *hair flip*

Drugstore makeup may have its hit and misses, but it does not mean they are completely shit. They have the hidden gems without the heavy price tag and can even pleasantly surprise you (hey I’m looking at you, Bourjous Radiance concealer in the cute frosted lil frosted bottle).

I think I have wrote too much for my first post. I hope it was informative and the choice is yours!

Savvy and Unbiased x



There is a another batch of fakes available and they do look more like the original lip kits!

Thanks to nicowroy for creating and uploading this video.


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