About Savvy And Unbiased

“Tell me a bit about yourself?”

Oh god I hate that question. I never know what to say! #Anxiety

To keep it short and sweet, my mission with this blog is to provide original unbiased content about life, products, saving money, beauty and even beauty problems! (believe me, I have loads and have started to overcome some issues, so why not share it with the internet and help others!).

As a cancer survivor, I do have cognitive problems and unfortunately a really bad attention span. I plan to keep posts and videos straight to the point and visually appealing. After all, I am a Graphic Designer Grad.

I am not the biggest fan of social media personally (It has been 3 years since I closed all my accounts), so for now, I will stick to a wordpress blog and a youtube channel.

I have always wanted to create a blog, but I always thought you need to be a size 6, pretty, wear bandage dresses and look amazing in posed candid photos, (I wear sweatpants most of the time, look like shit in candid photos and the only size 6 I’ll ever be is in my footwear).

It took me a long time to be confident and not give a shit what anyone else thinks of me. Life is too short to be constantly worrying about what others think of you. Stay true to yourself!

Savvy and Unbiased x